To use our services all you need is an active PayPal account and Mpesa number.

Please allow the calculator a few seconds to load…….

Call us on 0714589981 or 0780589981 for the transaction guidelines.Our Charges depend on the amount you wish to transfer. We apply our exchange rate after deducting the charges. Use the calculators above to know how much you will receive on Mpesa.

Please beware that before making any withdraws contact us first so as to be advised on how to proceed. Thanks

32 Comments on PayPal to Mpesa Calculator

  1. You need not worry that your money will be stolen. It will be in your Mpesa less than 5 mins after it has left your PayPal. This guy is genuine and honest. He has strengthened my belief in human beings. It is possible to be good to strangers. Keep it up. Your services are superior to Western Union and other money transfer including PayPal to Equity. Your rates are also competitive.

    • Many thanks Maina.We really appreaciate your compliments.We shall continue offering you reliable services.It is a pleasure serving you.Thanks one more.

  2. Their services are on point. Your are guaranteed to have your money on Mpesa within or in less than 5 minutes. Their rates are so far the best in a very competitive market.

  3. Literally 5 mins after making the transfer I already had the cash in my phone. Thanks bro. Uyu naona ata naeza ambia landlord “pesa iko PayPal, lakini nipe 5 mins, itakua kwa simu yako :-D”
    Anyway, see you in a few.

  4. This is incredible! i got my money 3mins after withdrawing from paypal. This is a real online business. i would like to recommend your services to my friends using paypal. keep up the good work guys!

  5. Best PayPal to Mpesa services and food ratings as well, not forgetting the customer service. I recommend Simon to all who require the service.
    Keep up the good job.

  6. Very Fast Service. As i tried to write text message to inform I have made the withdrawal, I received M-pesa message. Thank you for very fast service

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